Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who let the dog out... woof woof woof

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So today I went home for "lunch" aka take Pork Chop outside. When I got there he was in his cage just sitting there. There were no accidents. But there was one shredded piece of newspaper. I should have taken a picture of it - now in hind sight.

I took him outside in the freezing cold. We were out for about 5 to 7 minuets... when I had enough. We went inside and he ate his lunch. I took him back outside after that and he got "everything" out. He was shivering by the time we went back in.

I ran to Walmart in search of booties and a jacket for him. Jerome has allowed me to "dress the pup". Tee hee :) They didn't have a good selection - yes I'm being picky about dog clothes. And the only size shoe that they had was xxs = too small for Pork Chop. I ran over to the baby section and found a pair of newborn shoes... I'm going to see if they're the right size when we get home.

We've got his "within four days" vet check tonight at 6pm. Should be interesting.

He is tuckering me out. Last night we were all down stairs after dinner. He played a bit and then got cozy and simmered down. I wanted to lay on the floor right with him and take a nap.

I'll try to post more pics tonight of him.


  1. oh lord!!!! Shoes??? I can't believe J is letting you do that. It's a dog! We'll see if he lets you put them on!

  2. LOL How did the shoes work out? Were they manly shoes! You are too funny! I hope you got some pics. of the event. Video of him walking around in those things would be priceless!