Monday, January 28, 2008

Pork Chop already has a routine...

He's been so good. Honestly.

We even took him outside last night - one of JT's co-workers was picking up an extra chair that we had. Their little boy seem to make Pork Chop want to play. They ended up leaving and Jerome and I stood outside while Pork Chop ran around in circles and dashing in the snow. He even took a tumble off the deck... poor baby.

The past two nights we put him into bed (his crate) around 9:30pm or so. He fussed a little for about 10 minuets. Eventually fell asleep. He woke up at 1:00 am to do his business. Jerome got up with him. JT put him back in the crate and he fussed for 15 minuets... I got up with him. He was so excited to see me since I didn't' get up at 1:00am with him. I let him out of his crate he got a drink. Back in bed after fussing for 5 minutes or so.

At 5:30am JT got up with him. Took him to do his business. Gave him his "de-stress" medicine, which we have to give him for three more days. He also put his food in his bowl and watched him eat. I think they were playing around for awhile. He did his business again and JT put him back in the crate and got ready for work. He fussed a little but then was content.

Jerome thought of a great idea. We made a playpen for him with an extra door in the kitchen. Now I don't "have" to come home at noon. His food, papers, pen and toys are in there and he's got room to do everything. He's also not crated all day long then.

When I left him to get ready for work he fussed... but must have cried himself to sleep. I left without waking him up. We'll see how it goes. He even snipped those hairs by his eyes last night... I couldn't stand them any longer.

Tonight perhaps we'll go to Petco to meet other puppies.

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