Friday, December 28, 2007

A decade just flew by...


A decade flew by... 10 whole years you've been gone. And although in the beginning it was so tough for me, even to imagine and come to grips that you were really gone, now I know I will be alright.

Days and weeks may go by and I may not think of you... but then some times out of the blue something reminds me of you. When the wind picks up a certain way or when a butterfly just won't leave the area that I'm in...

When people ask about my first tattoo I get to tell a story about you. People feel sorry that they've asked me since it is to remind me of someone who has past on. I assure them that I'm glad they did... for reminding me of why I got that silly ol' bear in the first place. It brings up innocent memories from my childhood (ohhh that makes me feel old).

Of course, I miss you. And I know I'll see you again.



  1. Sucky day 10 years ago. Wow! Can it really be that long ago? Glad you have fond memories! :)

  2. Awwww... I didn't mean to do that! Thanks for the comment though!