Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day After Chrismas Shopping

So I met up with Santa... we shopped from 7:3o am until 3:30 pm the day after his big night. We started off at the new Super Target. Getting some holiday stuff that was on 50% off. Then it was off to the Walmart that is right by our house for some bath baskets and such, also 50% off.

After Walmart I made my way over to Kohl's to use my $20 coupon that I received from purchasing some Christmas presents for the girls and Jerome there a few days earlier. I got myself a cute hat and mittens. Then, I headed to Herberger's. Man was that place packed! I want to say I've only been there about two times... I think that was two times too many. In the ads there was a $10 coupon for an item $10 or more. I found a Yankee candle that was originally $24. Since it was a holiday fragrance it was 60% off... I had the coupon for $10.... so I got it for like a dollar fifty!

After dealing with the crowds there I headed to The Avenue to see if I could find some warm sweaters for myself. I'm still trying to find warm sweaters since my were ruined in the flood. I only found some sweat pants there which I also needed. Since that was such a bust I went to Lane Bryant. Thankfully I found three sweaters that I liked and they were 50% off plus I had a coupon! I also picked up some holiday pjs there.

I decided to check out another Target (not a super Target... just a "regular one") and another Walmart (this one was a super instead of the "regular one" I had already been at near the house). A few more holiday items picked up there as well. I also ran into the Mall of America to see if Lane Bryant there had anything else that was on the super sale that I wanted... but I came out with nothing.

Of everything I bought only two things weren't on sale... two bottles of water! Everything else was anywhere from 50% - 70% off! It was so much fun... thanks Santa!

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  1. What do the jammies look like that you got??? I got some too! They are light blue with stars and moons.