Monday, July 02, 2007

Sink and more...

We acquired a pedestal sink from Linda and Dennis since they recently installed a different pedestal sink in their bathroom. Friday Jerome started working on the upstairs bathroom as soon as we got home from work. I had taken all of the toiletries out of the bathroom earlier in the week, leaving just the essentials. Well those essentials came out on Friday.

I ran to Home Depot to get new lines for the sink and some pipe g

lue while Jerome took out the current sink. When I returned Jerome was working on removing the current (our new) faucet and installing it onto the new pedestal sink.

I don't know if time got away from us or what, but soon we saw the clock hit midnight and we decided lights out, we'll work on it tomorrow. So bright and early Saturday we set out to Menard's to look at how the pedestal bowl should mount onto the wall as they had the same set up plates as what we found at our corner hardware store. We headed back and Jerome started working on the sink again.

I opted to stay out of the whole sink mess unless I was called in for help. Instead I rearranged the closet in the office. It needed a little help, plus we were going to be tidying the room up now that Lil wasn't living in there. We borrowed a Kirby vacuum just for this very purpose.... to bad we will need to borrow it again once Jerome's daughter PST brings down the shampooer portion of the device. We defiantly need to shampoo that carpet again, thanks to Lil...on not thanks....

Anyways.... I worked on the closet.

I picked up a few other odds and ends around the house and thought about making some lunch. Everything I wanted to make I didn't have the other half of. You know what I mean.... want to make a sandwich but there was no meat that I like and no cheese or lettuce. I wanted to make Polynesian, but again no cheese. I wanted to make tator tot hot dish... but no circle meat. Ughh. I wasn't going to go to the store for just cheese. And plus we don't want much left over since we're going out of town and I'll need to get whatever ingredients I need for Linda's potluck Fourth of July party. I'm not going today.

Jerome called me into the bathroom. Finally it was mounted on the wall correctly. The lines we being put on and the water was ready to be turned back on. Gently. Slowly. Leak. Ugh. Jerome went back to work on the sink. He called me back in shortly there after and all was well. Whew... there is now plenty of floor space in the bathroom... almost enough for a dance floor!

While I was putting away some of the tools I knocked my ring on the cabinet. I guess I must have thought it was a pretty good wack that I better check my ring. Good thing I did... my diamond popped out and was sitting in the cabinet. Off to Burnsville I go to take it in with hopes for it to be fixed by Wednesday for me to pick up. I even had them call the jeweler to make sure he would be in on Wednesday as we're going out of town soon! Should be no problem. Whew! (Mind you I took it in around Christmas and was turned away because the didn't think the could fix it in time for all the holiday parties and such... and hadn't taken it back yet!)

We headed cleaned up and headed over to Anna's house for a late night BBQ and Rum and Cokes. Yum... Rum and Coke... never thought I liked them. They were pretty good Saturday night!

Sunday when I woke up I was in our bed alone. I didn't hear or feel Jerome get up... but he was. There he was down stairs vacuuming the floor with the borrowed Kirby. Boy that thing does a great job... I just couldn't imagine spending that much on a vacuum cleaner though!

Jerome wanted to the steps... and I wanted him to do them! But he was having a hard time getting the regular long handle off of the vacuum cleaner to swap out the small hand held handle. Well, after I looked at for 5 minuets I had the handle off and the other one on. He did the stairs.

Then onto upstairs. I cleaned out the room while Jerome was working on the steps. I pulled everything off of the floor but left all the big pieces in place. I won't pull everything out of the room until we have the shampooer portion. For some reason the suction wasn't working very well. We gave PST a call and she walked me through step by step on what to do. We fixed the issue and went onto cleaning.

When that was finished, I'm not sure if Jerome's second job instinct kicked into high gear or what but out came the mop. Jerome mopped the kitchen floor... and did an excellent job at it if I do say so myself, (he should do it more often now!). I started gathering clothes and bags for California as we will be leaving soon while he was mopping.

Jerome wrapped up mopping and jumped in the shower. He then left to return the vacuum cleaner. While he was gone I rolled all our clothes for the trip and started to actually pack our suitcases. I looked at the outfits that I wanted to take and realized that I really needed a pair of white tennies to make everything work. I also needed to pick up some one quart bags for our carry on liquids/gels since we aren't checking our bags. Off to Walmart I went.

There I debated on two different shoes... one was, get this... $5 the other $6.50. FOR THE PAIR! One was a clog type (slip foot in with no back) and the other your basic white laced tennie. I ended up with the tennie for $5! That's the cheapest pair of shoes I've purchased in a LONG time.

I made it home and still no Jerome. I had been at WallyWorld for an hour at least. I gave him a call. He was on his way home.

I made steaks and potatoes on the grill for dinner. Yum-o.

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