Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We're going, going, back to back to Cali Cali...

My small tribute to the Notorious BIG there :)

It's true. Jerome and I have finally purchased our tickets and hotel for Jerome's family reunion in California. We'll be there after the Fourth of July (so if anyone has a party for us to possibly attend on the 4th we will be around!). Of course, since this is blogland I won't be giving out the exact dates, but if you email me I'll tell ya... and hey... once we're back you'll know anyways :)

So here's my quest... what to do in LA while we aren't at the family reunion. We will be getting in around 9 pm the first night we're in town - kinda blows, I know... but it worked out best for us. The following day the rest of the family will be getting into town early and they would like to do some touring/site seeing that day. Since I don't recall the last time I was even in the state of California I've got no real clue as to what is a must see in the LA area. The day after that more touring/site seeing possibly an amusement park kind of day. The last day we are there is the actual BBQ day for the reunion from noon till 6pm or so. We fly out that night on the midnight flight and get back into our home state around 6 in the morning our time.

So, for those who've been to LA where do you suggest we go.

I'd like to see the Hollywood sign... the walk of fame (or shame), the Chinese theater, perhaps the Sana Monica Pier?


And if my family from CA is reading this, I'm not sure if you'll be around the LA area or even how far it really is from you, but if you are, I'd love to "meet" you again!


  1. Never been there! Hope it is fun for ya!

  2. I commented this on April 4, 2007 post. Revised a bit.

    Things to do in LA - the Warner Bros studio is the best studio tour. Eat a hot dog at Pinks (they are kinda strange - *pop* in your mouth). Tickets to see Jay Leno. He's a hoot. Or Ellen. Gotta get tix early though... Might be too late now. We were able to get tix to Jimmy Kimmel Live the day of the show, but he wasn't as big as he is now. Still was fun. Hollywood sign is cool, Star Walk, Chinese theater and Santa Monica pier were all fun. Have a blast!!