Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kitty for a good home

It's time. Lily's got to go. I don't want her to, but I can't take this peeing any more.

See Lily's ad on craigslist.com.

So, if you know someone looking for a talkative cat, I've got one.

I have a few friends/step-daughters who are allergic to cats, but don't have a problem with Lily. She keeps herself very clean on her own but has been tossed in the tub once in awhile. Sure, she hollers and hoots when in the tub, but what cat doesn't?

She loves to be pet, brushed and rubbed on her tummy. She has no claws - none in the front and none in the back, which is rare as it's usually only the front that are removed. She's been fixed and is 11 lbs. She's very very talkative and almost doglike as she runs to the door when we come home.

She is not the type to play with string or chase after balls... but she does get sudden bursts of energy where she will run around the house at the speed of light jumping onto everything. She loves to lay in the sunshine on the floor or in the window sill. She would love it if you didn't mind her sitting on your furniture or bed, but we have trained her to stay off of ours, or at least while we are there!

She eats solid cat food. But given the chance she will eat pouched food, but it does not agree with her, so I never give it to her. She will do her "business" in a covered litter pan, or a regular litter pan, and apparently on the carpet (never on wood floors or laminate).

Lily hasn't had any shots since I saved her from the Human Society six years ago. When I took her in for her first vet appointment I asked if she needed to be kept up on any vaccines or anything and they said if she is an indoor cat there is no need to even bring her to the vet unless of course she become ill. The vet thought she was about two or three at that time, making her eight or nine years old now.

She's recently been taken to the vet to figure out this whole peeing situation. The vet was not concerned about her weight, but said she should be coming in for some dental work. She also stated that this peeing is an attitude problem and not a urinary issue. She thinks that since we have moved from an apartment into a house that Lily isn't happy that our time is spent outside and not with her. Thus her peeing on the carpet.

If you have time to give my Lily attention and would love to have yourself a new pet, contact me. She's precious.

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  1. Sad sad news! Hope someone with lots of love and care take your precious girl. She is a super cat...and I don't like cats! LOL Good Luck finding her a new home!