Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yard and Garage Work

Since we have been stuffing the garage with all our new treasures until they are properly disinfected I decided we should take a look and clean out the garage. We thought about moving Jerome's work bench over to the other side and moved the totes around. It's almost clean enough to eat off the floor in there!

Since we have our dumpster day coming up in a few weeks I thought we could get our pile of "other people's treasures" together. Sure, some of the stuff that I picked up will end up going back out that day - I guess I didn't fully inspect it, I admit it. And some stuff just when we got home or I got home wasn't up to par - or I found something better after I picked up a different one. Oh well. So we started our pile in the middle of the garage. Fun!

I also got the sticks all bundled since they also take those that day along with our heap of cardboard boxes.

Here's that nook I was talking about, and yep... that's the trellis from our wedding...

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  1. Looks like you found some really sweet deals! Always fun!!