Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dumpster Diving - week one

Do you dumpster dive? I should hope you know that dumpster diving is... if not... let me explain.

Dumpster diving is so much fun when you find that special item... for free. Those of you that love the hunt of a garage sale or a great eBay find have an idea of dumpster diving...

The city where we live offers a treat to it's residents. It breaks up the city into five different chunks of land. On a certain weekend your area will have trucks come around to haul away your unwanted items. Two days before that though, you can set your items out on the curb. "Looters" or Dumpster Divers as I prefer to be called can come around a pick through your curb items. They can take what they want... for free.

This past week this started in the first section of land. Of course, I went out to search for the perfect things. Here are some of the things that I got for free... no questions asked.

Two patio chairs almost identical to ours, no cushion but you can always buy new ones of those

Two umbrellas for our patio table - one will be tossed on our dumpster day

Wire shelving - either for the laundry room or the garage

A wood bench... it'll look great in our back yard for a sweet little nook

A hose holder thingy

Office chair - it doesn't go up or down but it's pretty nice other than that

Kids snow board - this will be for sale at my garage sale :)

One card table with two folding chairs - yeah there is paint on them but if it's for my garage sale for a check out table it will work just fine. And there is also another table behind the card table that folds in 1/2 to make an 6 or 8 ft long table - also for the sale and hey... it's free!

Yes, an air hockey table and yes, it works!!!!

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