Monday, March 05, 2007

There baaaack....

Yup... mom and dad are back from Texas. The stopped through on their journey North this weekend. Of course, they told me they would make it in after dinner on Saturday and showed up while I was in mid-vacuum at 4:30!

Dad bought some parts for our wonderful washer and installed them for us and took a look into our phone problems. If I didn't tell you... our phone line is on the fritz. I don't think it has anything to do with the storm... and yes... we paid the bill! So if you need to reach us, call our cell phones. Even our Internet is affected, so don't be surprised if I don't respond to an email at my home email or even blog all that much until it is totally up and running!

Anyways... we went out to B Dubs - Buffalo Wild Wings for those of you that don't know my lingo. We had a $10 credit there from the last time we went with the Monty Crew to use up and dad had mentioned Chicken Wings. Yab-a-dabba-do.

Well, we just shouldn't go to that location any more. Jerome had cold ribs and sent his meal back, only to have it not return until after everyone else was basically done. Of course the manager swung by and we let them know we weren't too happy. Jerome's meal was comped and we got $15 for our next purchase. Oh boy. At lease this time there wasn't a specific location to use them at so we can go to a different one!

Mom and I stayed up playing cards till one in the morning. I love playing cards... and especially with her!

They left to head home mid-morning on Sunday. Then... strange enough our Internet decided it was going to work Sunday afternoon. Bah-hum-bug... that meant I had to dial in and work on work stuff for Monday.

Jerome and I took a nap after they left. Jerome woke me up at 6pm. Yeah... nice nap. I stayed up to watched Desperate Housewives, then worked on work and headed back to bed. What a night.

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  1. Bad service twice and a flat tire from that place! It's gotta be a sign! You'll have to hit up the other B-Dubs.