Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Desk...

Well this weekend Jerome and I went on CraigsList and found a great "moving sale" that was going on... we picked up an L shaped glass computer desk... you can guess where I'm going with this already can't you?....

Well we got it home... and last night I attempted to set it up in a different way since I wasn't liking the way that it was. The whole time Jerome was telling me that I only needed 1/2 of the L and the other 1/2 should go downstairs. Bahhhhh....


  1. that is the same desk I have...which I may get rid of later this year...if I do, I'll let you know. It kind of sucks because there are no drawers...but it looks cool, or at least yours did!!


  2. I'm thinking I may see if IKEA has a non-glass topper that I could just set on the top.... since, now I'm afraid to put any sort of weight on the glass!

  3. Ohh nooo! I may have gone with light tones with my new furniture... but this shows why I'm not quite ready for glass ;)