Thursday, March 15, 2007

Have you signed up for a profile on Well I have... actually I did when I first went to college.

It hasn't been until this past year when people have wanted to contact me. I guess that's what 10+ years does to people! I've heard from a few (Finny and Jaime found me again that way and now Bobbi!), I've hoped to hear from others (Sommer, Tiny Tina, Julie B from Stout) and I've also found information on those I was just curious about.

I've had a gold membership for like 6 months when our 10 year class reunion should have brought some attention to it... and now I've got a 7 day freebie trial. My question is, why do we have to pay for this??? I can see having a user name and password... but why should we pay? I don't pay for gmail, blogger, msn groups, why should I pay for this site that doesn't give me all the specifics that I want? There has got to be another site where people can post information about themselves for free and be able to get all the information served to them on a platter without having to pay to see peoples responses and such. Anyone know of something?

Sure I know that MySpace is a big deal but not a ton of my classmates have started pages. Now yes, I've started my own MySpace page... my sister made me do it! :) So if people wanted to find me there they could.

But there's got to be something like Classmates that is free that I'm just not finding....

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