Monday, February 12, 2007

How do you paint?

Well we went to our painting class at Home Depot on Sunday. We must watch way to many of those home improvement shows because we already knew a lot about what was told to us there. Jerome and I were the only ones in the class... so we were able to at least get 1:1 attention to our questions and projects.

I think the most important question I asked was about our trim and our paneling that we have in our office. We need to prime it first. And the trim we need to use a light sand paper on it. When all else fails... prime it.

Great... so now we really just have to come up with what colors we want stuff to be... and get to work.

When we were leaving we ran into a friend of Jerome's - Jerry. He would go to Jerome's daughter PST's basketball games, so I knew him and was happy to see him again. We chatted outside for a bit before Jerry headed back into Home Depot. Yes, I said outside... it was beautiful out! Apparently we totally didn't even see him inside! Who would we know at Home Depot... besides Josh, who better be home with that baby instead of Home Depot!

We went home and Jerome attempted to fix the shower head. It's managed to come unattached from the wall. He put some caulking around it... but it didn't hold. We'll look into maybe just getting a new disk that attaches to the wall for a whole two bucks. (I think that's what I told him to do in the first place...but I'm not complaining!)

Jerome went to St. Paul to buy clothes for his youngest, while I... took a nap. Jeezeee what is it with me being a sleepaholic this weekend??? I woke up and decided to bake some Chocolate Chip cookies... from scratch. I haven't a.) made cookies in a long time, b.) made cookies from scratch in a long time, c.) baked anything for a good while. It was fun... but I was still in a bit of a mood since I had a dull headache.

We watch Desperate Housewives and called it a night. What is with that show... it's starting to go down hill... how can I tell. Well if I am totally into a show I will do nothing but watch it. But if it's getting weird or off kilter... I find myself doing things. Last night... tweezed the old eye brows!

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