Saturday, February 24, 2007

Complain, complain, complain

So today I got in a funk and decided I wasn't going to go to the big High School girls basketball game with Jerome. Instead while he was gone I sat here in front of the computer - putting songs onto my phone from old cds... yep... it's old school - or well... let's just say the 90's. There's 2Pac, Brandy, Dr. Dre, Ginuwine, Hootie and the Blowfish, Lil' Kim, some Naughty by Nature and Salt -n- Pepa... what else... ummm Shaggy, SWV, Snoop Dog oh yeah and the 69 boyz... I'm sure there is more besides that too...

It was pretty fun.

It's been snowing all day... and now we are covered. The bucket (old car) is full of ice - every surface.... that should be fun trying to chip off. Jerome shoveled when he returned from the game... I kept at the CDs.

We ordered Pizza the other day and they messed up by charging my credit card twice. The sent us a coupon for a free pizza and also put the extra money that they charged back into my account. So tonight, what's for dinner... you got it.. Pizza.

We ordered and noticed that there was a $10 "must purchase for delivery" price on the bottom of the coupon. So we ordered some wings and onion rings to cover the $10 since we weren't going back outside.

Our stuff came and it was the wrong pie! Instead of pepperoni and pineapple on half and pepperoni and sausage on the other we had pepperoni on all with half with both sausage and green peppers. WTF? So, I call them back... they tell me the roads are bad but as soon as they can get another one to me they will. ANOTHER FREE PIZZA... wooo hooo! Too bad their reputation is going down hill with me... the pizza is divine though!

The 2nd pie came and everything was good to go. We chowed down.

Jerome and I even played a game of spades tonight... I WON! Yippy!

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