Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No mo' Jelly...

Jelly has left the bowl as of yesterday. :(

But... Jerome didn't want Peanut Butter to be left alone so we went and got Cheeto and Licorice today at Petco...

The humans working at Petco weren't very nice. First, the fish lady skipped us because we weren't getting "expensive fish"... then the 2nd fish lady we got was dumber than a box of dirty fish tank rocks. Then the check out guy asked if they were going to be feeder fish or pets. UGHHHH. They're goldfish... it's not like we got the 25 cent ones either! JEEEEZE.

Anyways... here they all are...

Peanut Butter (all gold)

Cheeto (multi color)

Licorice (all black) who is also known as Britney since he/she was all up in the camera!


  1. Too cute! Your fishie babies are adorable! I am sorry to hear about Jelly! Give Jerome a big hug for me...it can't be easy losing a baby fishie!

    Take Care!!

  2. Did you find where Jerome put Jelly? I think a treasured pet deserves a nice, um, disposal.