Thursday, January 25, 2007

Coffee anyone?

So last night Jerome and I went around town looking for a coffee table to match the end tables we bought the other day. We decided to go to the same store we went to the other day but a different location. They didn't have a table that was matching, but they did have the end tables. Now I know we got a deal! The sales person was able to locate the matching coffee table at another location.... why didn't they do this the other night????

So... we ran to St. Paul to take a look at the matching table. We looked around the store and found one that I thought matched pretty good and it was a bit scratched so it was on a super deal. We walked around some more and then finally asked the guy where our table was that was suppose to be set aside. Ends up they thought we were definitely purchasing it and had it already in the back room where it was getting plastic around it. WHAT???

So we really didn't even get to see it, unwrapped that is. We picked up the coffee table since it was the matching piece... and let me just say we got another great deal. Now only if we could get the "sofa" or "counsel" table for the entry way... I don't know if they even make it and the manufacturer's website is down.... grrrrrr


  1. Looks like the house is becoming a home! We'll have to come up and check the stuff out in person.


  2. Come on up! Since as you noticed in the previous post we don't have plans right now to head "home" to Wisconsin right now.

  3. Don't taunt might has ALL of us sooner than you think! LOL

    Like the table! Is it starting to feel "homey"?