Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Long over due...

The brownies... so while I was at the store I didn't think to pick up oil for the brownies because of course when a staple item is out I write it on my grocery list... when I use it up. But... if I am not the one who uses a staple item up it won't be written on the grocery list... hummmm is that what happened?

So I suffered with just lasagna... and no brownies until last night.

For dinner last night JT and I had a salad (rabbit food lettuce) which we added chicken strips to and tomatoes along with a baked potato. I also had some crab salad that I whipped up the other day (Famously made by Miss Lisa... who would have thought I would Mayo!). After dinner was done JT started to do the dishes... a rare treat for me if I do say so myself, I on the other hand actually got to sit down and read my new Star Mag while he did the dishes... ahhhhh so this is what it feels like to see someone working.

When he was done with the dishes I decided that dinner was great but I wanted a "sweet" ending with it... so I whipped up the brownies that I finally picked up oil for on my way home from work. YUM-O!

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