Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Demolition Day Two and Three

Well on Day Two I went to work in the morning. I came home for lunch to find one truck with a pile of sawdust behind it... guess the wood is going in today! I went down stairs to tell the workers that I was home so that I didn't scare them... and sure enough... the wood was going up... but only with one worker?!?!?!?

Apparently the other guy(s) were done for the morning since they had been working on the laundry room ceiling.... I went back up stairs after a quick peak around and made myself some lunch. I left back to work... when I came home I went to see where they had ended for the day in the laundry room... it was a little something like this:

I called Seth to find out if he knew if the ceiling guys were planning on coming back... he stated that they were not done yet... (Thank goodness... I hoped they weren't!) I told him that the work that was being done was great so far... but there were a few things that I wasn't sure about. I noted that the laundry shoot was covered with a tile... Seth told me to stick post it notes on anything that needed anything and he would be sure to relay the message to the guys to look for the post it notes.... off to the basement I go....

So.... I put a note on the laundry shoot... the hole for the gas line for the dryer (I wondered if it would line up right once the dryer was pushed back into place... which I wish they would do... how do they know I don't have laundry to do this week!), a few in the main room to tell them where we want wires to run and to be extra careful with certain items (entertainment center) when they try to move them since they were going to be installing the padding under the carpet by the end of the week.

Seth let me know that they had run out of cedar and hoped that the shipment would come in by Friday so they would finish on time.... but that means that the carpet cleaning wouldn't happen until after all the cedar was up... and that could be pushed back. Ughhhh there goes the time line! I hope it doesn't stray off to far.

One thing I wonder is if they will clean our sectional? I would have thought that they would have put a tarp over it or something...there are wood chips everywhere and with it being microfiber... it's pretty tuff to remove it... ?????? The wheels are turning.

Day three... no one changed anything today. I guess with the cedar not being in and only a few tile issues they will wait until the cedar shows up... so day three... no pics... oh wait... yes there is...Right side of the mirrored closet

Left side of the mirrored closet

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