Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We sat down and talked...

Last night Jerome and I sat down and talked about things we wanted... it's pretty bad when we are both pretty indecisive when it came down to some serious decision making. Here's what we actually did come up with.

The wedding will be in Wisconsin... more than likely somewhere in Appleton. Yes, for those of you in Minnesota that will be a 5 hour drive if you are attending, or a quick little jumper flight. This was decided since most of my family is in Wisconsin and that Jerome's family would be driving up from Mississippi.

Jerome wants to be in a tux vs. a suit. I of course will be in my dress... see all the previous posts!
Jerome also stated that he didn't like the idea of my maids in black dresses... he said it wasn't a funeral! Ughhh so... ladies let's see what we can do....

We want something different. We don't want to have the ceremony, bridal party runs off to get wasted and take pictures while the guests have the layover of their lifetime, dinner with Chicken on a plate and then dance.

We are thinking either A.) a night wedding ceremony and hors d'oeuvre and dance and cake or B.) day wedding ceremony at the same place as where the reception would be with perhaps a pig roast or grilling for food, dance and cake.

What do you all think... OPINIONS PLEASE!!!!


  1. I think both ideas are great! A night wedding would be beautiful!! And cooler for people who we know that battle the heat!

    I do have to say...I am happy about the WI location.LOL Sorry Minn. maids!

    Kim, Let me know if you want me to look into places for you here! I will take a look at what is out there!!

    I think Night with Sweets(cakes and desserts)and then a dance with beer...not that it matters for me really! lol

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