Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twitch Twitch

Who's got irritated eyes? I do I do! Ugh.

Seriously though... my right eye is totally jacked.  Since September 22nd my eye has been twitching on and off. You know... the inner corner of my eye just going crazy having it's own little party... It's raising the roof.  ANNOYING!

Now yesterday, on the same freakin' eye, I felt like my eyelashes hurt.  WTF?  If I even touched them it hurt.  I pulled a few which I thought would release some of the pain... like an ingrown hair or something... no luck... still hurts.

So... it's off with the contacts and switching of the mascara to see if either of those things will help.  I did take my contacts out when this twitching thing began but that didn't seem to help anything.  In fact... it feels more annoying because I feel like the twitching causes the entire glasses frame to move.... but that's just in my head!


  1. How are your eyes doing friend?

  2. Well still twitching but the ouchie eyelashes are fine now. Strange.