Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dumpster Diving 2011

Well I'm not sure what to say about this season.  It must be the economy... people just aren't throwing everything out like they use to.  The weather has been a factor too... between snow and rain there are far and few days that are actually nice to pull everything from all over your house to the curb.

I did of course find a few things... take a peek... could be keeping could be selling... not sure :)

A bike for me... it's about $250 bike!

Yup... that's a 2Step jungle gym on top of the truck.  I actually got two different ones this year.

TV armoire with drawers and shelves.  Yes, the blue tape came off.

Entertainment center with glass cabinet on the left.

A petal go cart and a small boys bike.

Container/Drawers for the garage.

This will be a nightstand for our master bedroom.

Pots, baskets, buckets, etc.

New car seat... plus a 2nd base portion.

Poker table.

Mats for the garage.

A super heavy real wood desk that may end up being a tv stand in our house.

Golf bag that I picked up for The Monty Crew but they ended up not needing it.

Beautiful white dresser.

And the granddaddy of it all... a CRAFTSMAN SNOW BLOWER!

I talked with the owner... needs some carburettor work... we'll see if my hubby can get it to work otherwise it will still be cheaper to fix it than to purchase one for us!


  1. Looks like you still did well even tho the weather didn't cooperate! REALLY hope you guys can get the snowblower going! :)

  2. AWESOME....I think you did just fine. What are you complaining about? Are you done now for this year? Have fun. Love MOMMY