Saturday, April 17, 2010

Portland to Penn

What a blast! I found some SERIOUSLY great stuff this section! Check it out.

First off, I am not one to pick up stuffed animals... but this one had to be. It's a real Build a Bear! White... and clean. But yes, he will get a bath.

Box full of Little People and Barbie dolls.
Stack one of two. These are six matching white deck chairs. Which, I may end up spray painting to match my new table that I got last week diving.

Evenflo exersaucer. Only missing one piece, which I think I have an extra one of... and if not, I can borrow it off of another one that I will see while diving if I remember.
Umbrella ella ella eh stroller. Lol.

Kids picnic table. I will be keeping this one and selling the one I picked up last year. I found two of these but already got rid of one :)

Baby bike with doodads.
I have TWO of these wagons! I was shocked!
Stack of chairs, set #2. There are four that match and two that match.

Red pots that I'm hoping my mom will help my green thumb with... :) ?
Toddler slide.
Two new deck chairs just need the cushions.
Bird bath... not sure where I'll be putting this but I think I'll be keeping it. After checking out all the yards while diving I'm getting ideas in my head for our front yard!

And here is the big kahuna! These will be going in our laundry room! BRAND NEW and MODERN! Would have loved to have them in my kitchen but not enough of them!

And yes, I have the missing door, it just needs to be screwed on!
Next time... Penn to France.

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  1. SO JEALOUS!!! Your finds are amazing! That cabinet is beautiful. And I love the toddler slide, wagon & picnic table. Great haul.