Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Penn to France

Another fun week of diving... here's the newest finds:

This is a bike that you attach to the back of another bike... make it a double bike trip for you and your kiddo.

I found a box full of these little wood creatures.

Set of lamps.

Cute tin cups... I may just use them on the fence... but should add some flowers... or maybe sell them... not sure yet...

Lawn seeder... yes... we finally found one that wasn't broken!

Please tell me I'm the only one from a family that had one of these growing up? Now I have my own and it looks BRAND NEW!

A box of pots and pans... someone must of upgraded or got rid of their camper.

These are cute chairs... one blue and one yellow. Adorable if you have the right color thing going on in your house... or... could be easily reupholstered.

Queen size headboard.
An ottoman for my chairs that I found last week :) Need to get a new cushion but then again I have to get that for the chair too!
New umbrella base and pole. The one before didn't tilt or crank.

Closer shot to show the table... which we found week one but just put up this past week.

And the grand daddy freebie this week... ahhhhhh a swing :)

Next up France to Normandale.


  1. Hey those chairs in blue and yellow, they make slip covers for them, so you could have two matching. Cute headboard. Great finds!!!! LOVE the swing!

  2. Wow, great finds once again! Love the umbrella, headboard and especially the swing! I've always wanted one for our porch/yard. Enjoy!!