Thursday, October 08, 2009

Slacker... I know.

So... ummm yeah. I haven't blogged since July.

Of course, I have been saying oh I need to blog, in the back of my head. Honestly. I just know that I've been down in the dumps and didn't feel the need to share. So, I'm going to move past these last few days, weeks, months and start blogging again, hopefully on a more regular basis.

Since I've been out of work I've done my share of traveling. I spent some time in Wisconsin with my family there. I even managed to see some old high school friends... gosh I miss them!

When I returned from Wisconsin I was home for a few days and then I was on my way to Colorado. I spent some time there being my nieces nanny for 9 days before their school started. We did a ton of stuff... one day the girls and I went to a movie and shopping, a day at a fantastic zoo, a long round of mini golfing (I even got two holes in one!).

When I got back from Colorado it was time for me to tackle my resume. I'm working with a company who help with this transition in my life. I attended a workshop and learned a few things along the way.

Jerome and I ended up heading down South for a second time this summer, his grandmother passed away and we of course wanted to attend the funeral. I think I surprised Jerome when I managed to drive all the way to St. Louis there and back... heck I surprised myself! We had company in the car though.... JST and Tink came along with us for the ride. While we were there PST arrived with the newest addition to the clan, her son. It was so nice to hold a baby again :)

Jerome and I have become serious movie goers. Since we live in a metro area there are screenings of movies that are coming out about a week before. I never knew of these until recently when I did a little research. Boy oh boy have we taken in the flicks this year!

Tink turned two a few days ago and I was lucky enough to capture a few pictures of her the day before. If I do say so myself they turned out pretty good!

Laney, my goddaughter also turned two... check out her cute little pics on her mama's site!

What else....
I've also managed to rack up another godchild... but this time... A BOY! LOL. Anna, one of my bridesmaids has made Jerome and I the godparents of her son Jordan. That makes four for me! Wowsers! We haven't had his baptism yet... but soon.

I think that's about it for now... hope to post again real soon!

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