Saturday, May 16, 2009

Need a hoe...

Well today I spent the ENTIRE day outside. I'm looking at planting a garden so I spent the day pulling roots, grass and rocks out of dirt. My nails are nasty... I need some better gardening gloves.

Anyone out there have a green thumb or two? I've tried... I really don't have one. Last year I tried growing some herbs in pots... little did I think I needed to drill a hole in the bottom of the pot to let RAIN drain from the pot. Yeah... we had a huge rain storm and poof... they were gone.

The year before that I attempted peppers and tomatoes, in the ground. I got two peppers... no tomatoes. What the heck.

So... this year... I'm switching where the garden is. I'm shooting for the front of the house where we removed a tree from. I'm going to try tomatoes again, jalapenos and maybe some peas and cucumbers along with some cilantro.

A co-worker of mine suggested getting a bag of top soil and manure. Nasty. But... I guess... it's worth a shot and you know it works.

Anyone have any tips for me?

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  1. Okay, I did cucumbers last year, and what I DIDN'T know, is that they need like a trellis type thing to climb up. Ours went up the side of the house and onto the phone line! And they went EVERYWHERE! But they were easy. Didn't need a lot of work. Good luck!