Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much going on here...

So I'll have a ton of new recipes up on my Recipe Blog sooner or later, but here is a quick peak of what they look like and one word... YUM-O:

Jerome's back from his trip and things are back to normal... He still cooks Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I cook Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. That just leaves Friday night which we usually go out to eat.

Well this past weekend was Valentine's Day and Jerome's night to cook. Instead we headed out to Old Chicago... ugh... it wasn't like I remembered it. I won't say it was bad... but I thought there was more on the menu! I had steak and shrimp and JT had a burger... nothing to fancy there. But I did get a fabulous new necklace... which I still have to take a good picture of but let's just say I'm happy that more diamonds are in my life :)

This past Sunday though we had visitors... and went out to eat at our favorite new little pizza place, boy did we have a full table. It was the two of us, plus JST and Tink and PST with her little belly already growing with JT's grandbaby #2 and JST and PST's little sister. We scarfed down two large pizzas in no time... perhaps we should have ordered another one... oh well.

There's not much news other than another concert on my radar. This time it'll be in Green Bay with Trisha and Melissa. We got pretty good seats - not floor but the first section on the end closest to the stage. Hope my camera holds up!

It looked like we were done with winter. Started to see all the crunchy brown grass... big huge puddles. The snow mostly gone. That was until last night. We got a dusting just to remind us that it's not done until June here... lol.

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  1. You had everyone together and you didn't get a pic?? WTF! LOL

    Glad you were able to have some family time! Sounds like you had a blast!

    Looking forward to April and NKOTB again! :)