Sunday, February 08, 2009

Not giving up on my New Years Resolution...

So I made it... by a few hours... here's a post for the week!

So this week JT went to see his parents and I had the house to myself... well... me and the dog. Pork Chop actually has been pretty good. He must have know that I wasn't a 100%, that's due to Tink being here all last weekend.

I had been prepping for a party that I was having on Saturday all week. Cleaned up the house, did a load of towels and blankets for my guests, purchased all the food and started prepping the food. I'll be posting new recipes over on my other blog soon. I made a bunch of new things that were "awesome".

The party was pretty good too! Tons of fun, tunes, eats and beers for Peggy :) LOL.

But... I'm ready for life to get back to normal. I'm ready for JT to be back home. I'm ready for my routine to get back in it's rut. Oh the joys... ha!

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