Monday, January 05, 2009

Two weeks... wowsers!

So it looks like I took yet again another break from this here blog. Sorry my followers... if there are any out there! Let's see... what did I do in the past two weeks... hummmm....

I was off most of the week of Christmas... Tuesday I worked from home, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was on PTO. We didn't do much with our time off... honestly. I didn't put a tree up. I didn't decorate for Christmas. Heck I barely got the few gifts that I bought wrapped. I just wasn't in it this year. I don't know why... I don't know how. I did manage to make MORE candy. Yeah... that became an issue too... a huge breakout from all the chocolate. Aren't I 31? Should that still be effecting me? I guess it does :(

We didn't do much for Christmas Eve - except a fantastic dinner of Lobster tails! YUM.

Christmas day we grilled up some T Bone steaks, bake potatoes and salads. Another delicious meal. Probably my favorite. And please, pass me a full bottle of A1.

Of course the day after Christmas I went out shopping. I purchased a mini tree (3 feet tall) at Kohl's for $8. So, next year... I have to put up a tree. If I didn't I would be stupid. Especially since it is pre-light.

I bought clothes for myself, you know I'm still trying to build my winter wardrobe back up from the flood. The other highlight is that we purchased a Play Station 2. Yes, I know... not a Wii. Not even a PS3. I know. But, for way under $200 we got the game system, two guitars, and a few games. We can now rock out guitar hero style in our own home. And I must admit... I'm addicted. A little too much for Jerome's liking. So much so that I managed to go through all GH3 on easy. Now I have to work up to the next harder level. It will take practice... but next time you're here... GAME ON!

Let's see... that next Monday and Tuesday I came back into the office and then was off for the next three! Goodness I love holidays and PTO time! We cleaned up the house and had a few people over on New Year's Eve for a mini celebration. One fella in particular was amazed that we had free alcohol. Yeah.... well... it is a party at the Thompson's... that's what we do. And we expect that you won't just stand at the table with all the bottles taste testing each and every kind. We expect you make yourself a good drink... sit down... chat... eat... drink... and get up and make yourself another drink damn it. Next time you are here... DRINK A DAMN DRINK!

Friday I hopped into the office - or more specifically the parking lot of the office and got the pager. Why our team has a pager, I'm not quite sure still. But... it was my weekend to have pager duty... basically every other weekend I will have it. Trading off with Josh... which reminds me... we should probably figure out what we are going to do once his wife Molly has baby #3 and he takes leave. Ugh... I do not want it each and every weekend. No... I won't do it. Someone else has got to join me. Thankfully we don't have to have it during the week. We leave that duty to the new girl Kate!

I picked up a few more super deals at Target this weekend, especially since their Christmas items are 90% off... yeah you heard that right... 90% off! Crazy. I loved every bit of it.

Okay... so here's a new years resolution.... I will blog at least once a week. I will. It's a resolution... I have to do it... I will. I can. I will. Get on me if I don't!


  1. Yay a BLOG POST!! I will HELP you stay in line...PROMISE!!LOL

    I am glad you enjoyed the Holidays! Maybe next year you should plan on coming home to WI. We would gladly adopt you! :)

    GH IS ADDICTING! And I am so practicing to keep up with YOUR addiction! LOL

    LOVE THE POST!! Now we just need pictures!! HA! Greedy I know!