Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ghetto Walmart

It's official... Ghetto Walmart is trying to come clean. Yes, Ghetto Walmart where we got our big screen TV the day after Thanksgiving is closing down. Well... for 4 to 10 months... starting on February 1st! Everything is on sale... go now... buy now... it may not be there tomorrow. Everything has got to go so that I can get a brand new Walmart.

I can not believe I'm going to have an entire post dedicated to Walmart. I hate Walmart. I'm a Target girl. But Ghetto Walmart is closer to me. And when it's redone they're going to have fresh produce in it... I may never go to Cub. Yeah right.

Well... I may never go to Cub... I gotta be honest. I went into Lund's the other day and it was soooooooo much nicer. No fork lifts, no screaming babies, just peace, in it's low light carpeted goodness. Again... it's further way from me so who knows.

In other news... so that this post isn't entirely about Walmart... I'm planning a shin dig for my fellow Blockhead girls. Should be fun. A night with NKOTB, drinks and food. How can you go wrong?

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