Monday, December 01, 2008

Restaurant Reviews

First Falafel King. This is located near the Cub Foods in a strip mall. Yup... we don't usually frequent restaurants that are within a strip mall... it's not our thing. But... we did because we were referred to this by my friend Tiff. First off... strip mall, second off... Cub Foods parking lot is shared with this places parking. Those are the negatives... and they stop there. Inside the door of this restaurant we were greeted my a friendly hello of the boy working the take out or deli section. There was a classy looking bar and then little bristo like tables in another section with a huge water fall wall. It was classy... I wondered how much this dinner was about to cost.

I'm happy to say with the free appetizers that this place provided along with our meals we were well under our usual amount. Note to self: I should not eat the salsa as it has cucumbers in it unless of course I would like itchy cheeks. Also check the back of the grocery store receipt. It usually has a coupon on it.

I would go back again. (And have since I originally wrote this post, that time was with my co-workers for their lunch buffet. Equally good, but next time I think I know what I like and will get the Chicken again!)

UPDATE: This location has closed down :(

The second place is the Red Pepper. Our new favorite Asian place. I love love love the Sweet and Sour chicken. Jerome loves the Szechuan Chicken and Veggie Fried Rice. This is definitely better as take out verses dine in and it's best eaten that day and not reheated.

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