Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's beginning to smell and taste like Christmas...

So today I spent the day starting my holiday baking. I started off with Chex Mix, then went straight into Puppy Chow. I haven't made or eaten Puppy Chow for YEARS. It doesn't taste the same to me unfortunately... It's good... but not what I thought I remembered.

Then I started gathering ingredients for my next few recipes... I was missing something from each and every recipe. Grrr. I didn't want to leave because I was also on call for work to launch a few things as soon as testing was done. I had been writing down my grocery list as I gathered ingredients...and debated what we were doing for dinner. Never mind the fact that I still didn't take a show for the day. Well... they didn't call me until about 4:30pm. Grrrr. This really ticked me off since they were suppose to call me around 1pm.

I tossed a pizza in the oven and jumped in the shower. I ate a few pieces of pizza and was on my way to the store. Holy Hannah. Everyone was there and everyone was in the same section that I wanted to be in... the baking section, the nuts section, the candy section. Grrrr.

I finally made it home around 7:30pm. I debated on if I wanted to start and then bit the bullet and made some cornflake cookies, then Jerome's Pecan Candy, and some peanut clusters. I think that's a wrap for the day... unless I can't sleep later. My feet hurt from standing in the kitchen all day... and at the grocery store.

Time to take a breather... eat a peanut cluster and check out what's on TV.

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  1. Yum! I wish we lived closer I would come and SAMPLE some of that GOODNESS to be sure it is OK! :)