Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In one week and one day...

It will be Christmas day. I haven't pulled the tree out of the totes that are buried in the garage. I haven't finished making candy. I haven't wrapped certain presents. WTF? What's wrong with me? Where's my holiday spirit... I know it's there... some where... hummmmm...

And I'm pretty booked this weekend so I don't know when I'll do it. Ugh.

I think maybe it's because I have a full size tree... maybe if I had a small one - table top one that I would feel fulfilled but won't have all the work of the full size.


  1. It was hard for me to get in the mood this year too! Who knows...DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!

  2. And here I thought it was just me....we only have our tree and lights up....nuthin else. Not sure how happy this holiday season will be?!?!?!