Thursday, December 04, 2008

Impromptu Date Night

So we weren't planning on going out for the night... but well... just happened. We were headed to pick up some Ribs at Teddy Cooks, but decided to not go there. Instead we whipped around and go to Split Rock in the Radisson with the Water Park.

They have a great Happy Hour - for food that is. They have mini burgers, nachos, and these great raviolis that are spinach and artichoke. Those are all $4 or $5... there chicken wings are great too! Needless to say, get a couple of appetizers and you have a great meal for two!

I've always wanted to look at the water park and see if there was a different exit since the weather is starting to get all to cold. We went walking around and noticed an arcade. We stopped in and played a few games...

Yup, I whooped Jerome three times at air hockey! God I love that game!

1 comment:

  1. Some things never change...I may have to take you on in Air Hockey sometime SOON! Wouldn't want your head to get too big! LOL