Monday, September 22, 2008

Life is boring...

I'd love to say that I've been busy traveling the world... but no... I've been sitting in the house, sitting at work, and just breathing. I wish I had stuff to update people on... you really don't want to know that I made tacos last night for dinner. Or that Pork Chop got another hair cut from me. Ugh.

I say wait for October... I'll have some adventures to share in October, I promise.

Here's something... (I love when I start writing a post about nothing going on and then poof... there's a topic). I've met some new friends.

Yep... me.. a 30 year old, not in school, and these people I do not work with. I met new friends. It's great. True... we met over the Internet and are all tied together by NKOTB. Yeah yeah yeah... there's that part.

But, honestly there are a few of these girlies who I definitely will be keeping in contact with after all the concerts. I hope to get the girlies along with their significant others together with Jerome and I so he can feel them out and hopefully we can have a few new couple friends :) Ohhhh that would be nice! Not that I don't love the few couple friends we have... but I want more!


  1. YAY~ I love your boring posts! KEEP THEM COMING! :)

  2. Boring is better than nuthin :-)