Monday, September 01, 2008

Anniversary, Birthdays and NYC... woops

So I just realized I didn't do the Happy Anniversary for my sister TJT and her hubby JT. I happened to call while they were at their anniversary dinner and chatter it up with ALT for a bit.

Then I forgot to post a cake for my dad's birthday... JEEZE...

And today is my mom's birthday... Happy Birthday MOM :)

I won VIP tickets to see NKOTB in New York while they were no the Today Show... I'm honestly glad I didn't spend the money to go because the show was canceled this morning. Why you ask... well there is this hurricane Gustav heading into Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Yep... Katrina's got cousins.... lol. We've talked to some of Jerome's family... I believe that they are all safe at this point in time.

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  1. Happy Birthday A and B! And Happy Anniversary T!!!

    Glad to hear things are OK so far with the family down south! Let me know!!