Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where I have I been? NKOTB-ville

Yeah We've been gone a long time... but we back we back we back. (Oh wait a sec... that was a NKOTB song!)

Yeah I've been totally slackin... I even wrote a post about slacking. I promise I will stop slacking because now all my concerts are set and ready for me to wait for. My tickets are bought, my travel arrangements are made, my hotels are booked. Everything. Yes, I'm going to a few shows... and yes... one I got tickets for is from my husband for my birthday. And yes, my birthday isn't until November but he loves me and new that this would make me a very happy lady! If anyone wants to give me my birthday present early the first show is Oct 4th! :)

A lot else has happened around here... where to start.

We built a fence to keep Pork Chop in the backyard - I need to take pictures but it works for now. It's all stuff we got while dumpster diving this past season. We got a gate and fence... for free.

Speaking of Pork Chop... he's six months old and is finally getting it. He's not barking in the morning. He's listening... he's even holding his bladder a little bit longer. Now I wouldn't say that he's been a perfect angel... he's had some issues but he's getting much better. We even gave him a haircut the other day.

I attempted to plant some herbs and even some strawberries too. But, with all the storms we've been having with tornadoes, hail and heavy rains everything is so water logged that I don't think it will survive. The rhubarb even looks like it's seen better days.

I'm looking into having a garage sale in a couple of weeks. If anyone has anything to sell let me know. I need to get everything set up in the garage and price everything that I didn't have out last year.

Hummmmm.... gosh that is not interesting at all. Sorry everyone... I promise.... I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

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