Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've been slackin...

I admit it. It's just I've been so focused on the other blog with all the new stuff happening all at once there that I've lacked in posting here. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Go see my hard work over at the other one... I promise once things calm down life will go back to normal and I will post here again.

We've been doing stuff I promise... heck there's recipes for me to post at my other other blog... there's photos to post here from when we fixed up our master bedroom that I still haven't taken - shame on me I'll have to clean again! There's pictures that need to be taken and stories told about our last dumpster day finds of this year... there's the garage sale that's got to be put together - fyi it will not be in May... that's coming to a close. There's the fence that we attempted to build for Pork Chop... oh lord... Pork Chop... he turned 6 months last Saturday... there's got to be a post about him too.... JEEEEZE.

I best get back to www.nkotb.com's community message board so that I can get the scoop on the newest news for the other blog so that I can get back over here and post about all this stuff! LOL

C-ya soon!

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