Thursday, April 03, 2008

Got Gas?

If you live in the Twin Cities you may notice that Cub Foods is giving you coupons for so many cents off of gas at Holiday with each purchase you make. You can use three of these coupons at one time.

Today I used a 14 cent coupon, a 7 cent coupon, and a 1 cent coupon. That’s a total of 22 cents off of each gallon I purchased. True, it only saved me $1.78… but that is over a ½ gallon of free gas for me. You can bet that this summer with the thought of gas being $4 a gallon I will be collecting any and all of these coupons.

The kicker here really is that two out of my three coupons were past their expiration date and they still took them. So here is a heads up to keep those coupons even after they are expired!!!!

Don’t forget to also check before you pump.

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