Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pork Chop updates...

Well Spring is starting... not officially springing until next week but we are suppose to hit a high of 44 today! That's a freakin heat wave for us. Sad, I know. I plan on taking Pork Chop out for a walk tonight after work and then tossing him in the tub for a bath afterwards. He's got a tendency to get pretty filthy on our walks. Snow, puddles, ice... he loves it all. We've been working on the command "stay" and also "come". He's got lay down and sit pretty much down. Sit more so than lay down if I had to choose.

He's also doing pretty well with this whole being in his crate all day while we are at work - with a potty break at lunch when I run home for him. No messes in his crate - knock on wood. He's understanding fully that #2 happens outside. It's that darn peeing. He gives us hints some times... sniffing around... lots of circles. Sometimes we just think he's playing instead... which results in one of us taking him outside and the other cleaning up the mess. He gets string cheese when he goes outside, does his business and then comes right back in. It seems to be working since when he does do that he goes straight to the fridge when he's done, waiting for his treat.

He still gets too excited when meeting new people... resulting often in a puddle on the floor or on the new persons leg. Ugh. Hopefully he outgrows that. A suggestion from our puppy potty training class was to have new people not pet his head, instead have them hold out their hand - let him sniff and then pet under his chin. The times that people have done that he's been fine. It's when new people go over his head when he pees. Ugh.

We've switched his food from Puppy Chow to Bil-Jac. We had planned to purchase the Blue Buffalo brand - since we received a sample that he loved. When I went to pick it up at Petsmart there was a salesman there from Bil-Jac. Pork Chop was along with me, he sampled both the food and the treats by Bil-Jac. He loved it even more than the Blue Buffalo brand. The salesman was giving me a deal (and every other person in the store) of getting a $5 off coupon for any bag, plus one free pound of food that contained a $2 rebate on it. Then he also gave me a packet that had a survey form in it. When you send the survey in you will get another $5 off coupon for their brand. Their food is about the same price as Blue Buffalo, and I only had a $3 coupon for that. So... yup... I was sold.

He hasn't been eating or trying to eat his poo any longer either. WHEW! I'm glad that's over. I would guess that he's about 20lbs now. He needs to go in for a vet appointment to get a vaccination - he's now over due. Jeeeze... that didn't take long! I plan to set something up for him next week though. He's also due to have his nails trimmed... I've got the war wounds to prove it! A haircut wouldn't be a bad idea either.

That's about it as far as he goes...

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