Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kitchen Organization - Drawers Before and After

So February is the first month of Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round-up and we are tackling kitchens. I've had issues with the kitchen in our house pretty much since we moved in almost two years ago. I've got so much kitchen stuff being a Pampered Chef consultant... I've lots of tools that I never use, except for at shows, tons of tools I use all the time and so I have two or more of them.... tons of Pampered Chef stuff everywhere needless to say.

Here are my before pictures of my four drawers - the only drawers I have besides a small one near the stove that holds hot pads and plastic baggies.

Drawer #1
Drawer #2

Drawer #3 and #4

All the drawers on the table for rummaging through... I mean sorting!

Hummmm perhaps I should do this more often...

My second section that I want to attempt to tackle is my food storage issues... we usually make enough supper that we can take left overs for lunch the next day at work. So storage containers are needed... but perhaps... not this many!
And...Well...Here are the "AFTER" shots... I purged and rearranged and added baskets. I've got a pile of tools that I'm going to put in my extra PC products bin - they're for sale as always... I've got a large bowl full of baking items (chocolate chips, gravy mixes) that are being tossed because they're either expired or not enough to make another batch of something.

Drawer #1

Drawer #2 - use to have never used tools... now holds the baking supplies - chocolate chips, gravy mixes, nuts, etc.

Drawer #3 and #4 - baskets, baskets, and more baskets!

Food Storage - got it cut way down....

way, way down... I'll save these for our garage sale this summer!
These were quick fixes... next thing I'm going to tackle is the cupboards... now that should be interesting!


  1. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing it and please be sure to email me the link (if you haven't already, I'm a bit behind in email) for the monthly roundup.

    Love all the baskets!

  2. I love all those little baskets!!

  3. That looks great! Good job, and congrats on making the "Top 12"!

  4. Good job. My drawers could use your help.

  5. Good job on your organizing drawers!! What a neat kitchen.

  6. I LOVE your orange baskets. What a happy cheerful color to see everytime you open your drawers!

  7. good job!! :)

    Congratulations on making it to the Top 12!