Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Junkies are us

Who: Laura
What: I'm an organized junkie
Why: My ghetto Martha Stewart loves this kind of stuff!

Laura loves basket and bins - hummm I have the same crazy obsession. She's conduction a monthly round up where each month there is a space or room that is being organized. This month, the first month, is the kitchen.

Ohhh boy do I need to get to work on ours! I'll be posting, promise! You'll even notice on my sidebar I've added her monthly round up button that leads you to her monthly list.


  1. Hey awesome! So glad you are joining us!

    What a great blog header :)

    Laura (orgjunkie)

  2. Thanks Laura - wow you are a quick one! I usually send an email to my blogroll people...but you were just too darn fast!

  3. COOL! I will have to stop in! With 4 kids I need ALL the help I can get!

    Hope things are well with you two. Sorry I was short with you about what weekend we were coming. I was in a funk! I am not anymore!:)

  4. No worries! I had both the 22nd and the 29th down... and I knew one of those weekends Andy had something going on!