Friday, February 15, 2008

Dinner for two...

So last night Jerome and I were on the same wave as far as dinner. We usually have gone out... but this year we both pretty much wanted to stay in. On Wednesday I went to the grocery store after our discussion as to what to do for dinner on Valentine's Day. I picked up some T Bone steaks and crab legs. YUM.

On Valentine's Day I came home for lunch, to let Pork Chop out, and set our table for our feast. I thought that the Pampered Chef Simple Additions were a nice touch... being pink and all :)

When we arrived home from work I put the baked potatoes in the stove (the thing that took the longest of course!). Jerome went to work on marinating the steaks while I worked on getting the salad ready and extra cheese for our potatoes. Once the salad was done I pour a glass of wine and remembered the mushrooms. Jerome took the steaks outside to grill while I put on the crab legs.

Are you hungry yet?

So delicious!

Yes, this is my plate... with fungus on it. They smelled so good while I was cooking them up that I had to have a sample.... please don't think I'm hooked on them though!
Hope your Valentine's Day was everything you hoped it to be... I know mine was. Although I wish I had saved room for my cheesecake! Oh well... there is always tonight :)

PS. If you want the recipes they are on my recipe blog.


  1. we had home made chicken soup and that pc cherry ring. M has strep and I'm sick too! Woohoo!

  2. Whatever?! I had a frozen pizza and the kids had McDonalds :(