Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So I didn't set a New Year's resolution.
Sue me.

I use to set a New Year's resolution. Lose weight. Eat healthier. Drink more water. Do the dishes every other day instead of letting them pile up until I don't have any forks. Yeah those.

Now that I've finally not set a resolution I don't have any goals for the year... Well... I can't do it. I need a resolution. I've decided I would choose one that I can actually accomplish.


That's my resolution. I plan to purge our house... everything in the house needs to have a purpose... and not one that is "I'll need that some day". I think of the three curling irons that I have. The last time I used a curling iron... was... ummmm... let me think. I have no idea. Sure, some day I may have bangs again and want to do mall bangs. I could save one curling iron and sell the others at my "ANNUAL" garage sale. (Oh did you see that? I see resolution #2 there!)

Yep, I'm thinking I may do an annual garage sale. With the positive sale we had this past summer how could I not?

There you have it.

Do you have a resolution this year? What is it? If not, why not?

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had it in me to go through this house to get rid of stuff we don't use. Maybe someday!

    My resolution was finding a healthy lifsstyle and going back to church full time! So far so good!