Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Off to the vet...

So last night Jerome, I, and Pork Chop hopped into my car and went to the vet for our "within 4 days" checkup.

Everyone ohhhed and ahhhed over Pork Chop. So many people complimented him on his sweater. He was being quite shy hiding between Jerome's feet. When the vet tech came in he did awesome. He also didn't have "that much" of a problem with getting his temperature taken... and he weighed 9.3 lbs.

The vet came in. Pork Chop got very excited. So excited he tinkled on the table. Jeeesh. :) We attempted to calm him down so that the exam could take place... he actually didn't calm down till he was held football style. Then the vet took him in the back to have his nails trimmed for free. I was sure to tell her about Pork Chop's broken nail that the tech at PetSmart found. She said he would be fine.

We waited a bit in the exam room before leaving to the waiting room... I of course wanted to hear everyone praise how cute he is! And... of course they did. (Gotta wonder if it's a show though!?!?!?) He apparently did well.

We jumped back into the car and headed home.

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