Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dinner away.

So last night Jerome and I went out to eat with Lisa and Rod. They have a Cockapoo as well... Pork Chop's litter mate (brother). His name is Spike. Now, this is kinda funny... all we talked about was our puppies. No other subjects came up for the most part.

Apparently Rod thought we were going to cuss them out. Being that they were the reason why we even knew about Pork Chop. That we were drinking when we called to set up the appointment and perhaps we were a bit too tipsy to have good judgment about getting a puppy. Rod must have thought he's been a bad puppy. But, that's not the case. He's a very good puppy.

We got to talking about how Pork Chop is a full 2 lbs heavier than Spike. I had to laugh at that. I knew when we saw him that he was bigger... I just didn't know how much bigger he was! They asked what we were feeding him... same Puppy Chow that they're feeding Spike.

They made a few comments about his sweater. Sounds like Spike will be getting something too soon. And of course, they asked about his collar. They thought there were rhinestones in it or something... Not the case... it's just got a reflective string of thread in it that shows up in pictures.

We talked about how they are very different puppies. Spike still sleeps on his back. Whereas Pork Chop can not stand to be on his back and sleeps in a ball. How Pork Chop is still learning to go to the bathroom on papers and Spike is going outside by himself. How when Pork Chop steps in his mess his feet get wiped off and Spike's got to get his feet clean in the snow before he can come back in.

It was a good time. At one point I looked around and noticed that I was the only one eating. Here everyone else had finished their plate and was waiting till we stopped talking to get food. No one wanted to miss a topic.

I can't wait till we can have a play date with the pups!

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  1. Awww a doting mama! Sounds like you had a fun time! Wish we were closer so we could talk puppy too!