Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Who: del.icio.us
What: the best way to store all of your favorites or bookmarks in the world
Where: http://del.icio.us/
Why: I am addicted to del.icio.us. It's official. I had heard of del.icio.us long long ago. I wish I started using it when I first heard of it... but at last I am not one to follow the crowd. I need to hear that things are good from a trusted source before I venture out and use something myself. Usually I'm cool with just "somebody" letting me know... they can even be virtual.

I now only use del.icio.us. Why is it honestly so great? Well... have you ever had to go some where and had to use someone's computer only to find all of your favorites are on your computer? Does this drive you totally bananas? Then del.icio.us is for you.

Del.icio.us is a site that allows you to tag any website. Example: you have a del.icio.us account and have downloaded the toolbar to your web browser. You are on my blog and want to be absolutely sure that you can return here again some day. You click the little icon called "tag". A pop up appears and you enter in a tag (something that you will think of when you think of my blog). You can add more than one too. So for my blog I would put: blog, Kim, Jerome, friends. Or any other word you can think of. Now if you went to your del.icio.us page you would see my blog listed. On the side you would see all the tags. If you click on one of the tags that you named my blog you would see my blog in the list.

Trust me when I say until you have a few 50+ favorites this will seem useless. I have started to tag anything that I have any sort of interest in that I may ever want to come back to and see again. Everything. I am addicted.

Now... if you went back to that other person's computer... you can now go to http://del.icio.us/, log in and poof there are all your favorite websites in one tidy little (or in my case large) list.

Go... sign up... let me know what your user name is and then we can actually share our bookmarks with each other.


  1. Been using it for years, and I agree, it's totally del.icio.us!