Sunday, December 09, 2007

A little late... but I wanted to wait for the party!

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So on Saturday we woke up extra early and hopped into the truck. We left for Sconnie for Susha's 30th birthday bash. She actually turned on the 5th... so a bit belated... but not forgotten! We reached my sister PJM's house around noon or so I think. We hung out for a bit but then we were off to the cheese factory! Yes... I love cheese that much that I make a special trip to get fresh cheese when I can. (Hint for those co-workers of mine... cheese factory + this week is Kim's treat week = curds for everyone and more!)

When we finished there we went to my Grandma's apartment. We gave her her Christmas present from my sister's families and Jerome and I. She loved the idea of a gift certificate for the grocery store. We ate cheese curds and looked at pictures from our wedding together. I looked at the photos on her walls and saw one that is from when my Dad and his brother were really little... I laughed it was such a cute picture.

We wrapped up at Grandma's and headed back to PJM's house to change for the party. We met up with Susha, her hubby, her parents, her brother and wife and a few other folks at The Bar for wings and beers. We ended up staying there for the night, dancing the night away. There was even a Cougar (after consulting my Urban Dictionary though I found out that she was actually a Jaguar!) there who had some fun with one of the guys that was there for Susha's party!

We came home on Sunday and had Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Garlic pizza. Ohhh so delicious! Tomatoes, onions, and grilled chicken in a white sauce with cheese.... Yummmy! Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Thanks for being there! A true friend would have been!! I thank you for making sure I didn't make too bad of a fool of myself! :) It was fun. So glad we were able to celebrate together. Thanks Jerome for being a great personal phtotographer. Kim too! :)

  2. Well I tried to keep you from making a fool of yourself all together... but... beer does strange things!