Friday, October 19, 2007

The Monty Crew

Here goes, my first blog roll...

Name of site: The Monty Crew

Why I visit: Trisha, the mom of the site, is my best friend from grade school – yes grade school. We’ve been thru thick and thin together… okay maybe I was never thin but you get my drift! She was the Matron of Honor at my wedding and I’m the God Mother of her last little peanut Delaney. It keeps me updated on her and her family and reminds me of life “outside of the city”. She tells about her family – her hubby and four kids.

Why you should visit: Well I assume sooner or later there will be some horrible picture of us posted there… don’t get any ideas Susha!


  1. Oh my my my!! Who is that? LOL

  2. You've gotta keep the peace sign Trish. Did you have the Donny rat tail at that point in time?? ;)

  3. Ah those were the days! Right Kim!!