Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I got the bug last night...

No I'm not sick... just annoyed.

I managed to pull all of my clothes out of my closet that were either hanging or (dare I say this?) on the floor and ordered them back into the closet where and how they were suppose to be. I went through all my hanging clothes and made sure that if I hadn't worn it all summer long that I probably won't ware it next year (especially with hopes of a little one they wouldn't even fit).

I pulled out an entire basket full of clothes that either have holes, stains, are out of shape, just don't fit right, or I just don't like. I'll keep a few of the shirts for painting and yard work but the rest has got to go.

Now how did I get this all accomplished... well, honestly Jerome was over at JST's place with her and Tinker. I had the house to myself... and apparently this is what I choose to do with that time. Not to mention I cussed myself out when I was tripping over my shoes that were falling out of my closet. There was no one to blame but myself.

I worked on my armoire too. I need to hit it a little harder... perhaps tonight.... who knows. It'll only happen when the mood hits me. I really am looking at attacking our sock drawer next. It's horrible. Who knows if we have matching socks, what I do know is that we have a ton of mismatched ones with holes in them!

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  1. You sound like me! Although I don't go through my stuff! WAIT until you have a little one or two. Between growing and season changes you could go crazy trying to keep their clothes organized! LOL