Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well let me back things waaaaay up.

August 31 – Dad puts up new blinds in the living room that we purchased the day before. Ohhh are they nice compared to those ugly drapes!

September 1 – Happy Birthday Mom! Jerome and I left our house to my parents while we flew on our way to Mississippi. (I’ll go into more details in the next post – promise!)

September 2 – September 9 – We were in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Like I said – more details in the next post.

September 9 – Happy Birthday brother-in-law JM.

September 10 We fly back home from Mississippi.

September 11 – Head back to work, and after work I go shopping for some new fall clothes! J

September 12 – We went to a closing of a Wickes Furniture store in the area and found cheap cheap cheap end tables for downstairs. We also met up with Lisa and Rod at a car auction and eat at Chili’s.

September 13 – I finally make a post after an almost 2 week hiatus – did you miss me?

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